Basic installation MagicINFO

This guide will show how you can install MagicINFO from scratch. This guide will not show any modification to the system.

Please have a system that meets the requirements from Samsung, these can be found online via the following link:
MagicINFO V9
MagicINFO V8

Before installation, we advise you to use the following programs and have this installed on your PC.
- Google Chrome as a web browser
- Notepad ++ as a text editor 

MagicINFO server requires a Database, You can choose from MSSQL or PostgreSQL. In this format, we will use PostgreSQL and this is also recommended by Samsung.

1. Install PostgreSQL, please double check if you have the right recommended version.

- Start the installation
- When prompted fill in a Database password
- Note down this password in a text file (needed later in the installation process)
- Run installation
- When the installation is done PostgreSQL will ask to use StackBuilder, this is not needed
- Finish the installation

2. Start installation MagicINFO

- Start the installation
- This example is an unattended installation, therefore we can keep all settings as it is
- When asked to fill in the Database password you have to use the created password during the installation of PostgreSQL
- Save Installation information, this will be stored in the installation folder on the C: drive

- We advise you to make a copy of this information by selecting the information copy this and pasting this in the open text file you have with the database password.

Store this file on the server.

3. Open MagicINFO

- MagicINFO needs to start on the background, this can take up to 5 a 10 minutes
- Open the Chrome web browser
- Fill in the following URL:


- Default administrator credentials can be found in the installation folder:
C:\MagicInfo Premium\MISInformation.txt
Note: With MagicINFO V8 and V9 this file is no longer generated.
Default credentials are.
Username: admin
Password: admin2016!

4. Setting up MagicINFO

- When you first log in on MagicINFO you do not have many options, this is because there is no license in use

- You can activate your paid or free license in the settings section
- We recommend changing the default admin and default org password
- Now you can upload and create your content
- To connect your devices you need to fill in your MagicINFO installation IP address and configure the TLS/SSL connection