Activate your license key in MagicINFO

This guide will show you how to use your license key, that you have received from MagicInfo Services.

- Log in to the MagicINFO server, with your admin server account.

- Go to the tab 'Setting'.

- Go to the option 'License Info'.

- Click on '1st-Time Activation'.

- A new pop-up window will appear.

- Set the Internet connection to 'Connected'.

- Fill in your License Key that you received from MagicInfo Services.

- Click next.

- Fill in your company details. 

- Click save.

When you have bought a quantity upgrade, select the license key that you want to update.

- Click on 'Additional Activation'.

 - Fill in the new license key you have got from MagicInfo Services

- Click next.

The quantity of the license key will be upgraded.