Connecting a device to the MagicINFO server

It’s very important to configure the display to the MagicINFO player if you want to connect a display to the MagicINFO server. 

The next steps describe how to configure your device from the set up menu.

- Make sure the device has power and is connected to the internet

- Follow the setup steps on the device before you try to connect them to the server

Set Language: Dutch not available, select English

Display Orientation

Auto power off: select OFF

Network setting, Choose the setting you wish to use. We advise using a cable connection.

Set date and time.

Play via: Choose MagicINFO

Device name: Change the name if you wish or leave it as default

Connect to MagicInfo server

The server address is the IP address of your MagicINFO installation.
TLS as default is set as Don't use.
The default port is 7001

Now you have completed the setup

Set the source at MagicInfo S


Set up the connection from the screen menu

Open Menu>Network>Server Network settings>Connet to server

Select Connect to server

Fill in the following options: 

Server Address -> The address you got from your contact person (cloud solution) / your own server address (on-premise)

SSL: Don't use

Port: 7001 (7002 in case you are using SSL)

Click on save and the home on your remote

You will return to the home screen, now choose the player

Select Network channel, MagicINFO will now be loaded

When the device is connected to the server you will get the confirmation on the left lower corner "Clock adjusted".

Your device is now connected and needs to be approved on the MagicINFO server.