What are the differences between MagicInfo Lite and Premium?

Are you interested in MagicINFO but still not sure which solution suits you best? In this blog, we’ll explain to you what the differences are between Lite and Premium solutions. Since there’s a significant price difference between these two solutions

MagicINFO Lite

MagicINFO Lite allows you to use the software in a simple way. With Lite you will have the exact same dashboard and overview as Premium. Lite is perfect for uploading pre-build content quickly to the displays. For example, if you like to design content yourself in Photoshop, PowerPoint or create video’s, you can easily upload this content to your displays with Lite. You can very simply upload content, put the content in a playlist and schedule this playlist.

With Lite, you can also add multiple users to your account, and you can determine who gets access to what. Next to that, the overview of the Device Management is a bit more limited. Lite does not allow the user to remotely control the hardware settings of the displays. But if you don’t need this function, then Lite is perfectly fine for you!

MagicINFO Premium

Premium allows you to use MagicINFO to its full extend. With Premium you get all the possibilities you have with Lite, plus a few more! Premium allows you to make use of the WebAuthor, which is a great tool for editing content, creating widgets and making use of web elements. For example, if an RSS feeds wants to get implemented, a webpage wants to be shown or show multiple pictures and/or videos at once. This is all possible in the WebAuthor. Also, this is where the connection gets made with external data sources for real-time data management.

Alongside the WebAuthor, Premium gives the golden feature of Remote Control. This allows you to control the hardware settings of your devices simply from your computer. With this you can change hardware settings for your devices without having to physically standing next to the display.  

MagicINFO Premium has all kinds of features "out of the box" that you can use to create smart playlists. That's something that you can really benefit from! It depends all on what you want to achieve. Because Premium probably got the feature that can make it happen. 

Have a look at the feature list that gives you an overview of some of the differences.