Samsung Remote Management Solution

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Samsung Remote Management with other signage platforms

With the RM Server license, you gain a comprehensive remote management solution for your Samsung Smart Signage devices.

This allows you to retain your own digital signage platform while benefiting from Samsung’s hardware control capabilities. The Samsung Remote Management Solution serves as a centralised remote service, enabling you to monitor devices remotely and eliminating the need for on-site visits or service calls.

Once your server is set up and you've added your RM licenses, you can proceed to add your screens to your MagicINFO server and commence controlling your devices. It's important to note that RM only functions with an S4 player or higher.

Below are some screenshots taken from a MagicINFO server to provide you with an overview of its functionalities.

Device overview

Device Information

Edit device configuration

Remote Control: Full control with a virtual remote control and live view of what is playing on the device