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MagicINFO: Lite vs. Premium - What is the Difference

When deciding between MagicINFO's Lite and Premium versions, it's important to understand their features to make an informed decision. Here is a side-to-side comparison.

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MagicINFO Lite Overview

MagicINFO Lite provides a straightforward user experience with the same dashboard and interface as the MagicINFO Premium version.

The Lite plan emphasizes ease in uploading and managing pre-created content, whether designed in tools like Photoshop, PowerPoint, Canva, or ready-to-use videos. Once content is uploaded, users can seamlessly integrate it into playlists and schedule it.

Additionally, MagicINFO Lite supports multi-user account access, granting administrators the authority to determine specific user access. However, we should note that while Lite offers a basic device management overview, it lacks the capability to control display hardware settings remotely. If you don’t need a remote control option for your operations, then MagicINFO Lite might be the ideal choice.

MagicINFO Premium: An Overview

MagicINFO Premium offers an advanced and more comprehensive set of features, building upon the capabilities of the MagicINFO Lite version.

With MagicINFO Premium, users gain access to the WebAuthor tool, a robust platform for content editing, widget creation, and integration of web elements. Whether you aim to incorporate an RSS feed, showcase a webpage, or simultaneously display various multimedia content, WebAuthor facilitates these tasks efficiently.

A standout feature of the MagicINFO Premium version is the Remote Control capability. This function enables users to adjust the hardware settings of their devices directly from their computers, eliminating the need for physical proximity to the display.

Furthermore, MagicINFO Premium enhances user experience with its myriad of intuitive features that you can use to create smart playlists. These features provide a richer, more adaptable solution tailored to users' varying objectives and requirements.

For a side-by-side feature comparison, please refer to our comprehensive feature list.