My Display is Not Registered, What to Do?

Your device may fail to connect to the MagicINFO cloud server, often due to network issues. Ensure the firewall isn't blocking the connection. Additionally, ensure the device has power and is connected to wired or wireless internet. Verify that the server network settings are correctly entered (no capitals).

Double-check for typing errors in the server address, SSL entry, and port number!

The relevant port numbers can be found here: Communication ports

You can easily test this by using a hotspot on a mobile phone. If your device has Wi-Fi capability, you can connect it to the mobile hotspot. If your device successfully connects to the MagicINFO server using this method, then the issue lies within your network. It's possible that the selected port is blocked in your firewall.

Additionally, ensure that your device is running the latest firmware. Feel free to contact us for assistance with this.

Keep in mind that your digital signage display should also have the correct time and date settings.