The display is not being registered, now what?

What to do if the device is not being registered.

It is possible that the device does not connect to the MagicINFO cloud server. In many cases this has to do with the network. Make sure the firewall isn't blocking the connection to the server. In addition, the device requires power and wired or wireless internet. The server network settings have to be filled in properly (NO CAPITALS).

Please double-check on typing errors in the server address, when entering the SSL and in the port number!

The relevant port numbers can be found here: Communication ports

It can easily be tested with a hotspot on a mobile phone, you can connect your device (if Wifi is available on your device) to a mobile hotspot. If your device connects to the MagicINFO server with this method, the issue is in your network. Most likely the selected port is blocked in your firewall.