How to set the time and date of your device

When your device is not connecting to the MagicINFO server, it's good to check the time and date of your device. The date and time need to be up to date in order to create the connection.

It can happen that when you think you have all the settings correct on your device, the device still fails to connect to the MagicINFO server. In this situation, we advise you to check if the time and date are properly set in the display menu. In some situations having the date and time set in the past causes an issue in creating a connection.

Here's how you can set the time and date of your device and where to check this.

You can adjust the time and date in the device menu as follow:

Step 1. Menu>System>Time

Step 2. Press Menu on the remote

Step 3. Select System and Time

Step 4. Select Clock set

Step 5. And set the Date and Time