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Local Installation of MagicINFO: A Guide

Is it possible to install MagicINFO on a local network?

Absolutely, MagicINFO can be seamlessly integrated into your own network environment.

For those keen on deploying MagicINFO within their local network, it's crucial to consider the following steps:

1. System Requirements:

For system requirements of MagicINFO V8, please click here. For MagicINFO V9 details, you can refer to this link.


2. Software Requirements:

The software you need can be found on our website. It’s free to download, simply provide your details here.


3. Installation Guide for PostgreSQL and MagicINFO:

Here you can find a video tutorial on how to install MagicINFO V8 on a server, along with a detailed step-by-step guide on the installation process from scratch.


4. Understanding Communication Ports for MagicINFO:

This piece details the essential communication ports for MagicINFO and which specific ports you need to connect to the MagicINFO server.


5. Activate a Free Trial License to Your MagicINFO Installation

Follow our video walkthrough of the process of adding and activating licenses. If you prefer written instructions, we've compiled an article outlining the steps to activate a free trial for your MagicINFO on-premise installation.


6. License Purchase:

Secure your official license via our website.