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Compatible Devices with MagicINFO

Learn about the different MagicINFO players

For the best experience with MagicINFO, we recommend a tried and tested selection of devices. The key component is the MagicINFO Player, which is already included in Samsung's professional Smart signage displays. You can find a list of all compatible devices on the Samsung website.

About MagicINFO Player:

To use MagicINFO, you’ll need a MagicINFO player. Samsung's professional Smart signage displays come with this player built-in. It's known as the S-Player or Lite player, depending on your plan. The main differences between them are:

  • The S-Player works with both MagicINFO Premium and Lite licenses or cloud subscriptions.
  • The Lite player works only with a Lite MagicINFO license or cloud subscription.

Alternatively, If you need a MagicINFO player that's not built into the display, Samsung offers external devices called SBBs.

Note that MagicINFO can't be used with Samsung's consumer line displays as they don't have the MagicINFO player.

I-Player Software:

Samsung also offers the I-Player software, which can be installed on a Windows PC. This software acts like a MagicINFO player and can connect to your MagicINFO setup.