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Which devices can work with MagicINFO?

In general, you can only use the Samsung smart signage products with a MagicINFO player or use the I-Player software to run on Windows.

MagicINFO player
In order to use MagicINFO, you will need a MagicINFO player. The professional Smart signage displays from Samsung has that player built-in, called the S-Player or Lite player. The S-Player can be use in combination with a MagicINFO Premium and/or Lite license/ cloud subscription. The Lite player only with a Lite MagicINFO license/ cloud subscription. There are MagicINFO players available that are not built-in the displays, the devices are called SBB's. Consumer line displays cannot be used with MagicINFO because they don't have the MagicINFO player. 

I-Player software
Samsung has created the I-Player software which you can install on a Windows PC. This will act like a MagicINFO player and can connect to your MagicINFO installation. 

Please have look at our Blog where we explain more.

To view which products are available have a look at the Samsung display solutions website. 

Consumer line displays will not work with MagicINFO!