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What is PostgreSQL And How Does MagicINFO Use It?

PostgreSQL is an advanced open-source database management system storing all of your MagicINFO data such as user information, content details, scheduling information, and display configurations.

Every time MagicINFO needs to show or use this data, it gets it from this database.

What Kind of Information Does MagicINFO Store in PostgreSQL?

  • Users
  • Content information actual content items are stored on the server with automatically created ID codes stored in PostgreSQL
  • Playlist/ Ruleset/ Schedule information
  • Device information
  • MagicINFO settings
  • License information, and much more.

Should I Make Changes in PostgreSQL?

If you're unsure about something in PostgreSQL or PGAdmin, it's better to leave it as it is. Making changes there can affect how MagicINFO operates. If you feel a change is necessary, it's best to ask for help from an expert.

To put it simply, almost everything you do gets saved in the PostgreSQL database. MagicINFO uses this saved information to work properly.

How Can I Access the Data in PostgreSQL?

For database management, you can use PGAdmin—a separate application automatically installed with PostgreSQL. Through PGAdmin, you can view, maintain, or adjust the database, and it will also show you all the information in tables (see example below).