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What is PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is an open-source database to store all your MagicINFO data.

PostgreSQL is an object-relational database system (database), in here MagicINFO stores his information.

We advise when you are in doubt to work within PostgreSQL or PGAdmin to make no changes. Within the database, you can make changes that can reflect on the complete working of MagicINFO. Then please ask for assistance.

Such as:
- Users
- Content information, the actual content item is being stored on the server itself with an automatically created ID code which is stored in PostgreSQL
- Playlist/ Ruleset/ Schedule information
- Device information
- MagicINFO settings
- License information
- Etc.
In short, almost every action is being stored in the PostgreSQL database. MagicINFO will read this information and use this to function.

You can access PostgreSQL via the separate application PGAdmin, this is automatically installed when you install PostgreSQL. PGAdmin will let you maintain or adjust the database, it will show you all the information in tables (see example below).