Set up content for approval in MagicINFO

This article explains how to enable the Content Approval functionality.

In a MagicINFO account you can have multiple MagicINFO users with their specific roles. Within your organization, you can enable that a user with an administrator account needs to approve content before it can be used in a playlist or schedule. 

This process ensures a double check on content items before it is shown to your public. This article explains how you can set this up for your organization in MagicINFO.

- Log in as administrator of your organization in MagicINFO
- Go to Settings>Server Management>Server Settings


- Under the tab, General set Content Approval to Enable and set to All Approved. Select the organization administrator which needs to approve the added content.


- Now, when a user uploads the content, the assigned administrator first needs to approve this item before it can be used in MagicINFO. Go to Content>Unapproved Content, here you will see a list to approve.


- When clicking on Approve you can add a note


Now the content item is ready to use in all the MagicINFO functions.