How to work with PowerPoint animations/ effects

MagicINFO supports to use of PowerPoint files but does not support any animations or effects created in PowerPoint. Here's a workaround so you can still publish your fully animated PowerPoint via MagicINFO.

A lot of content creators use PowerPoint to create content and then publish it using MagicINFO.  This is a great way to use a system that is already well known and easy to work with. PowerPoint offers the use of special effects, animations and word art items. Please know that these animated items are not supported by MagicINFO. The internal signage players are not able to show these.

If you want the effects created in PowerPoint to be published via MagicINFO. You can export your PowerPoint presentation to a movie file within PowerPoint itself and use this in MagicINFO.

Theses are the steps to follow:

Step 1. Create your file
Step 2. Choose File>Export
Step 3. Choose MP4
Step 4. Export will run