MagicINFO 9 Release: Everything You Need to Know

Video Tutorial:

The latest version of Samsung’s digital signage software, MagicINFO 9, was released in 2021, and is being constantly patched and updated as we speak.

If you’re looking to upgrade to Version 9, we've got you covered and can provide a smooth transition. We undertake rigorous testing to ensure a bug-free experience and provide support materials like knowledge base articles and video tutorials.

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  1. Before we introduce a new software or update to our client environments, it undergoes rigorous testing.
  2. We make sure the version you install is free of bugs.
  3. We provide professional support and guidance during the installation process.
  4. Once our in-depth assessment is complete, MagicINFO 9 becomes accessible for download on our website and shared with MagicINFO users.
  5. Additionally, we roll out various support materials like knowledge base articles and video tutorials to assist with the transition to MagicINFO 9.

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