How to Use Frames in MagicINFO

Video Tutorial:

This guide will walk you through the systematic process of setting up a schedule using frames.

Note: You cannot schedule a playlist with the frames option, only Content items.

Detailed Walkthrough: How to Set Up a Schedule Using Frames in MagicINFO

Step 1: Log into the MagicINFO server

Step 2: Create a new schedule

Navigate through:

(1) Schedule >> (2) New Schedule >> (3) Content

Step 3: Configure schedule settings 

In the new pop-up window, select the following:

(1) Supported Device >> (2) Schedule Type (keep general) >> (3) Create


Step 4: Once in the schedule, locate and click 'Edit frame' in the upper right corner as shown below:


Step 5: Customize your frames in the new pop-up. You will have options to:

  • (1) Adjust your device resolution
  • (2) Add a custom frame, or
  • (3) Choose a pre-installed frame (Recommended)
  • (4) Click 'Next'

Step 6: Define frame specifications

Here, you can set up content for your frames:
  • (1) Choose default content for all frames in case there is no distributed content.
  • (2) Choose a user group that can use all the frames.
  • (3) Choose an individual frame.
  • (4) View and modify the name of the frame selected in (3). To use the frame as the mainframe, select 'Main Frame'.
  • (5) Select content to play (by default) in the frame chosen in (3).
  • (6) Assign a user group that can use the frame selected in (3). Upon completion, click 'Save'.