How to Set Up Content Approval in MagicINFO

Why You Should Use Content Approval in MagicINFO

Content Approval in MagicINFO enables organizations to ensure their content is accurate and of high quality before it's shown to the audience

It also provides a helpful way to guide employees in sharing the right kind of content, and maintaining the organization's professional image and reputation.

Steps to Enable Content Approval in MagicINFO:

Step 1: Log in as administrator of your organization in MagicINFO

Step 2: Go to Settings > Server Management > Server Settings. 


Step 3: Activate Content Approval in MagicINFO:
  • In the General tab, set Content Approval to 'Enable'.
  • Set the approval status to 'All Approved'.
  • Designate the organization administrator responsible for content approval.


Step 4: Content Upload and Approval in MagicINFO:
  • Now, when a user uploads content, the assigned administrator needs to approve this item first and then it can be used in MagicINFO
  • Navigate to Content > Unapproved Content to view the list of content awaiting approval. 


Step 5: Finalizing Content in MagicINFO:

You have the option to add a note for reference or feedback. 


With these steps completed, your content is ready to use in all the MagicINFO functions.