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How to Find Your Samsung Device's MAC Address

Video Tutorial:

A MAC address is like a unique ID for each device, such as a computer or digital sign, that connects to a network. It's used to identify and manage these devices, especially in systems like MagicINFO, where you control multiple screens over a network.

NOTE: Depending on the model, a device might have one or two MAC addresses – wired and wireless. When applicable please send both to our support team at  support@magicinfoservices.com


Follow the steps below to find your Wired MAC address:

Step 1: Press 'Menu' on your device's remote control.


Step 2: Go to 'Support' using your remote's arrow keys.

Step 3: Select 'Contact Samsung'.

Step 4: Press ''Down'' using the arrow keys to view all details.


Send the MAC  address(es) to support@magicinfoservices.com