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How can I find my Display's MagicINFO Firmware Version?

Understanding your device's firmware version is essential for getting support. Use our guide to find out your display's firmware version. You can do this through the display's menu or with MagicINFO. We'll also show you how to update your firmware using a USB or MagicINFO.

Here's a couple of ways to check your display's firmware version:

1. Through the Display's Menu:

  • Take your remote control.
  • Go to Menu > Support > Contact Samsung.
  • The firmware version of your display will be shown here.

2. Device Information Using MagicINFO:

  • Open the MagicINFO application.
  • Navigate to the ‘Device’ section.
  • Click on the information icon as shown in the screenshots below:

Guides on Updating Your Firmware:

There are two methods to keep your firmware updated: