Please follow this guide to get an image or video displaying on your screen from start.

- Open your MagicInfo server and log in

- On the left side of your screen press the content tab to open your content page 

- Press the button new and select upload content to upload your image or video on the MagicInfo server

- You will get a new pop up screen to search your image or video on your PC, click Add content

- Find the file on your PC to upload to the server and click open

- Click Start upload to upload the files you have selected to the magicInfo server

- When done click Close

- Now you see the files ready to use on the MagicInfo server 

- Click Playlist on the right side to make an Playlist of your content items

- Click New Playlist

- Select your player type, and the playlist type at general click on create

- In the left field you see the content items you have uploaded to the MagicInfo server and in the right field the items you want to use in your playlist

- When you have added the items you want to use you click on save and a new pop up screen will show. Give your playlist a name and leave the rest as it is, when done click on save.

- Now you see that you have saved a playlist

- Click on the Schedule tab to create a schedule to show your playlist/ content on your screen

- Click New schedule> Content

- Select your player type and leave the option General

- On the left side you will see all the content items you have uploaded to the MagicInfo server 

- When clicking on the button Content select Playlist, then you will see the Playlist you have created in the steps before

- In the right field you will see a agenda overview, here you can drag and drop the item/ playlist you want to use on your screen

- When you have added an item to the agenda click on this item to set the play time and date.

1. Content item name

2. Play date (for this example never expire

3. Repeat 

4. Playback time (for this example 24 hours)

5. Click on save

- Now we have set this item/ playlist to show everyday and 24 hours

- Click Save to save this schedule

- A new pop up screen will show with additional options

1. Give your schedule a clear name

2. Choose the default folder to save this schedule

3. Choose the devices you have available and you want to show this schedule on with the Publish to option

4. Next click Save & Publish

- Now we have send a schedule with content/ playlist to your device and the device will download this from the server. Usually this will take up about 10 minutes depending on the size of the schedule.