MagicInfo can be used when a Samsung Smart signage display is connected to the MagicInfo server. 

If you like to use the MagicInfo cloud solution, the display must be connected to the MagicInfo cloud server. 

To register the display, a number of settings must be completed on the display. You can read them in the following article Steps connecting screen.

At the point that the SSL is set, the port and the correct server address is filled in, the confirmation "clock adjusted" will appear on screen. The display is now logged on to the server and comes in as "Unapproved". 

Based on the mac address of the screen and the model type, the consultant can find the display that needs to be connected. He will connect the display to the correct account and gives the screen a name that you give to him. In addition, he sets the time zone and, in consultation with you, he fills in the timer settings of the display to indicate when he has to go on and off.

Configure Samsung display

Before the screen is connected to MagicInfo cloud server, the Samsung screen must be configured. How the screen needs to be configured depends on your requirements. This is in your own hands or in that of your hardware supplier / installer.