You can use several Widget to show content, we have a list of Widgets you can use.

This guide will show you how to add a Widget to your content:

Step 1:

- Log in on the widget configurator 

1. Click on Bibliotheek

2. Click on Widgets

- On the rights side you will find all the widgets that you have activated

1. Already active widgets 

2. Make a new widget

3. Preview a widget

- New widget, Click on the selection field and choose your widget

1. Give your widget a name

2. Select the resolution you want to display your widget

3. Some widgets needs a city/ place to follow

- Preview your widget, when clicking the preview option you will open a new tab and you will see your widget

Copy the address to your clipboard

Step 2:

- Log in on your signage portal

- Go to pages

- click on Add page

- Select Website URL

1. Choose Website URL

2. Select the group you want to save your page

3. Give your page a good title

4. Paste the URL you have copied from step 1

Add your page to a presentation on the screen.