This guide will show you how to prepare your screen to the Connected2 server.

When completing these steps you need to contact ScreenCom.

- Make sure the screen has power and a working internet connection

- Turn the screen on

- Finish the start set up off the screen

- Select language 

- Display orientation: landscape or portrait

- Auto power off: Off (recommended)

- Network: connect your screen true WI-FI or with a network cable

- Clock set: Set your time and date

- Play via: URL launcher

- Set up the URL:

- Device name: use a clear name such, BAR_1 or LOBBY_ VIDEO-WALL_2 

- The screen is now ready for use

- Press home on your remote

- Start the URL launcher by pressing enter on your remote

The CO2 native app is being loaded and installed.

When the app is installed and running you should see the Connected2 logo.

Now you can contact ScreenCom.

+31 (0) 85 273 64 28

Press Info on the remote to enter the pin code.

After this the screen can be approved on the server.