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Problem to Sign-In after install MagicInfo Server 7100.2


i have a porblem that i cannot log in after installling MagicInfo Server 7100.2

When i enter the username and password i only get a white page.

I have installed: 

- postgresql-12.1-3-windows-x64

- MagicInfo Server 7100.2_A Setup

Windows Server 2012 R2

Dear Marvin,

Thank you for your messages.

Please visit the below link for the optimal requirements advised by Samsung.


As I can see you have use a later version of PostgreSQL, Please reinstall both (PostgreSQL and MagicInfo).

Kind regards,

MagicInfo services support. 

I had the same problem two days... This is the solution

1/ uninstall MS redistributable runtime 2013 and older

2/ clean registry and restart

3/ use Postgres v. 9.6.xx, not v. 12

4/ reinstall MagicInfo, the latest

5/ use Chrome as a browser

6/ start with link - http://(IP of your server or localhost):7001/MagicInfo/login.htm?cmd=INIT

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