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Community guidelines

Read this post to know how you can make the most out of the MagicInfo Community. These aren’t strict rules, but important guidelines that you can help you while you’re here. The Community becomes more awesome with contributions from people like you, so we encourage you to share your ideas and questions. 

Introduce yourself in the welcome post

We recommend you start your journey by introducing yourself to the Community. It's a great place with a lot of diverse people and we'd love to know more about you, your interests and business.

You can start by writing what you want people to remember you for :) Keep it light, share some pictures and let's all have fun getting to know each other!

It all begins with a search

There's a lot information to be found. If you have an idea or question, we suggest you start with good old research. 

If you look around, you might save yourself some time, because there's a good chance that your questions may have already been answered. You might even stumble upon quite a bunch of interesting ideas along the way.

One Community - Different tracks

Posting your question or idea in the right place will ensure that it is seen by the people who are most able to help! Also, please make sure you're logged in to the portal to get the maximum out of the Community.

Consider this as a map that can help you navigate across the Community:

Catorgories in the Community:

1. Announcements - a forum that talks about exciting new releases, announcements and any product changes that should know about.

2. MagicINFO Release notes - At MagicINFO, the software keeps improving. Therefor it might be hard for you to keep track of the changes. Follow this forum to stay updated on the latest releases. 

3. Trending topics from Support - On a regular basis we share trends in support tickets received by the team. You can uncover a lot of things about MagicINFO which you might not have known about. 

4. Ideas - A place for your to pitch your ideas/suggestions, knows as 'feature requests'.

5. Ask the community - A place for you to ask/help other community members with MagicINFO.

3. Report problems - A place to report bugs and serious issues.

7. Tips and Tricks - Got a tip that can help other MagicINFO uses? Showcase your expertise here.

You can also follow a topic/ forum to get instant updates on any new posts/ comments.

Contribute and make someone's day better

The Community is nothing without your contribution. Whether you're writing a new post or a comment, please keep in mind to include maximum details like why you like the idea, how beneficial it would be for your business or the community. 

Help people around, and make someone's day. We all get a great feeling when we help others, don't we?

Spam and abuse

No one likes spam - keep the community free of spam and respect people who use it in the right way. And, do refrain from adding promotional links or products in your comments.

You might disagree with a few ideas/ suggestions - don't be a bully, keep the conversation in tone with the argument and respect others' opinions too.

Let's keep things clean and make the community awesome together!

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