Create a RuleSet based on screen size and time.

RuleSet is available from MagicINGO V8 and higher.

You can create a RuleSet that will allow you to play a specific content item with the below-mentioned filters:

- Time
- Date 
- Device name
- IP address
- Device model name
- Screen rotation
- Screen Size
- Media tag
- Datalink

In this article, we will explain to create a Ruleset with the time and screen size option. We will set a default content item and a different content item on a specific time to specific screen size.

We have a screen folder containing a 13-inch, 43-inch, and 85-inch S6 screens.

- Open the Rule Set function and click on New RuleSet

- Select your device type

- Press the + symbol to add a rule

- We would like to play content only on the QB models, we have 3 S6 screens in the device group two of them are QB models. The first rule will set the model

- Now you see the first rule we have added and click on the

- First, we set the time rule from 08:00 am to 23:59 pm

- Next is the first date rule

- Now we set the first play rule

-  Now we will set the content A1.jpg to all the QB screens on working days from 08:00 am to 23:59 pm

- Now we will set a new rule on screen size 13-inch

- And add rules for the 13-inch screens

- First again Time, date and then again a play rule

- This will also set content item B1.jpg to only 13-inch screens in the screen folder

- Now we have a complete ruleset as follow:
Content A1 will play on all QB screens each workday from 08:00 am to 23:59 pm.
Content B1 will only play on QB screens that are 13-inch from 08:00 am till 23:59 PM

This can be checked if any rules are empty with verification mode

- Next step is to schedule this RuleSet to a device group/ folder, save the RuleSet
- Open a new schedule and click on an empty cell in the agenda overview, choose the RuleSet tab and select your RuleSet

- Save and publish your schedule as you are used to