Count down/up to a certain date/time


Give your widget a name (to keep track of), in this case, Count up to Christmas. 


Moment: The date and time you want to count down or count up.

Timezone: The time zone you are in

Language: Your desired language. At the moment we only have two options English and Dutch. 

Counter type: Count down or Count up

Counter style: One block displaying the counter or separate block per day/ hours/minutes and seconds

Title: The occasion or event to/from which you would like to count down or count up.
Parts to show: You can customize if you only want to display only in days or hours..
Theme: You can choose a theme based on the event with the set theme available.

Click save and you get an Instance URL- Copy URL


To display the widget on your digital signage screen

Content- Webauthor: 

Widgets-Web- add the url instance you just created and save, schedule and publish .

The widget will be shown as below on your digital signage screen.