Content Management: How to Publish Media on MagicINFO

Learn how to efficiently publish images and videos to your MagicINFO device by following this detailed guide.

Ensure that your content displays seamlessly on your screen with these step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Log into your MagicINFO server.

Begin by accessing your MagicINFO server and logging in using your credentials.

MagicINFO Log-In


Step 2: Access the content page.

On the left side of your screen, locate and click the Content tab to access your content management page. 


Step 3: Upload your image or video.

To add your image or video to the MagicINFO server, press the New button, and select Upload Content.

Step 4: Locate and add your files.

A pop-up screen will appear. Use it to locate the image or video file on your computer; click Add Content to proceed. 

MagicINFO Upload Add Content


Locate the file on your computer, select it and click Open

Selecting A File MagicINFO


Step 5: Initiate the upload process

Click Start Upload to begin uploading the selected files to the MagicINFO server.

Upload Content MagicINFO


Step 6: Close the upload window.

Once the upload is complete, click Close. 

How To Upload Content In MagicINFO


Step 7: Review your uploaded files.

You can now view the files that are ready for use on the MagicINFO server. 

Review Uploaded Files MagicINFO


Step 8: Create a playlist

To organize your content, you will need to create a playlist. Select Playlist from the menu on the left side. 

Create A Playlist In MagicINFO


Click New Playlist. 

MagicINFO New Playlist


Choose your player type and select the playlist type as General, then click Create

Configuration Of New Playlist


In the left field, you will see the content items you uploaded to the MagicINFO server. In the right field, are located the items you want to include in your playlist. 

Include Items In Your Playlist


After adding the desired items, click 'Save.' A new pop-up will appear; provide a name for your playlist, leave the rest of the setting as default and click 'Save' to confirm. 

Saving Playlist MagicINFO


Now you will be able to see the saved Playlist.

How To See Saved Playlist MagicINFO


Step 9: Schedule your content

Go to the Schedule tab to create a schedule for displaying your Playlist/content on your screen. 

Schedule MagicINFO


Click New Schedule and then Content

New Schedule MagicINFO Dashboard


Select your player type and leave the Schedule Type option as General as shown below.

Create Schedule MagicINFO 


On the left side, you will see all the content items you uploaded to the MagicINFO server. 

Uploaded Content Items to MagicINFO


Click on Content, select Playlist, and you will be able to see the Playlist you created earlier. 

Content Playlist MagicINFO


In the right field, you will see an agenda overview. Here, you can drag and drop the item/Playlist you want to display on your digital signage. 

Agenda Overview MagicINFO


Once you have added an item to the agenda, click on it to set the playtime and date, as shown below. Configure the following options:

  • Content item name
  • Playdate (for this example, we use 'never expire')
  • Repeat
  • Playback time (for this example: 24 hours)
  • Click 'Save.' 

We recommend using 'never expire' and '24 Hours' to ensure continuous content playback. 

Steps For Creating Schedule MagicINFO


You have currently set up the item/Playlist to display every day for 24 hours. 

Set Up Playlist MagicINFO


Step 10: Save your schedule.

Click Save to save the schedule. 

How To Save Schedule In MagicINFO


Step 11: Additional options.

A new pop-up screen will appear, here you can:

  1. Provide a clear name for your schedule.
  2. Choose the default folder to save this schedule.
Additional Options For Schedule In MagicINFO


3.    Select the devices where you want to display this schedule using the 'Publish to' option.

4.    Click Save and Publish.
Save Schedule MagicINFO


Step 12: Wait for the download.

Your schedule with the content/Playlist, will now be sent to your device. The device will download this content from the server, which typically takes around 10 minutes, depending on the schedule's size and your display's internet connection.

Congratulations! You have successfully published your content on your MagicINFO device, ensuring it's displayed as intended.