Connect your FTP folder to MagicINFO

MagicINFO allows you to connect your FTP folder to automaticly upload the files to MagicINFO.

When you have an FTP location with your shared company documents and you wish to show this on your screens automatically, follow this article about how you can connect your FTP folder to MagicINFO.

NOTE: In MagicINFO V8 and higher it is not advised to have filenames with spaces, MagicINFO will not recognize this and create a +  for every space. This results in your screen not being able to play your content retrieved from FTP.

1. Log in on your MagicINFO account.

2. Click on the first option 'Content'.

3. Click 'New'.

4. Select 'FTP'.

5. Fill in the details as shown below.

Polling interval: The time between the checks for any new items in the FTP folder by MagicINFO. 
Retry Login: The amount of times, MagicINFO will attempt to retry login on the FTP location. After this amount it will stop. 

6. Now you can place this file in your playlist or schedule it directly in a schedule. When you add new items to this FTP location it will automatically be downloaded by MagicINFO and shown on your screen.

NOTE: you can check the amount of items MagicINFO has downloaded from the FTP folder.

- Click on the name of the item.

- Click File list.