Can I play music on my device?

You can play music on your device, this guide will show you how.

- Go to your MagicINFO server.

- On the left side of the MagicINFO interface you see the schedule tab, click it.

- If you want to edit a schedule, select the schedule and click on 'Edit'.

- The selected schedule is opened.

- In the upper left part of your screen click on 'Save'.

- A new window will open with some of your schedule options.

- In the lower part of this pop-up window, click on 'More Options'.

- This will show you some more options.

- Click on 'Background Music' and a new window will pop up.

- Important is that you need to upload your music via the content part otherwise you will not find your music.

- Click on the file you want to use and click on 'Select'.

- Save these settings and continue with the schedule.

Important to know is that you can only use one file.