How to use Frames

You can show different schedules on one device using the function called "frames". 

This means you can divide your device in different frames and showing each their own content.

NOTE: You cannot schedule playlist with the frames option

Please follow this guide on how you set up a schedule using frames.

- Log in to your MagicINFO server


- Create a New Schedule 

    1. Schedule

    2. New Schedule

    3. Content


- You will get a new pop window to select the following

    1. Player type

    2. Schedule type (keep general)

    3. Click on save


- Now you will see the schedule, in the upper right corner you have the frames option. Click Edit frame


- You will get a new pop up window with the following options:

    1. Change the resolution of your device

    2. Add your custom frame 

    3. Select a pre-installed frame (for now we will do this)

    4. Click next


- You can now set up your frames

    1. Select content to play in all frames by default when there is no content distributed. 

    2. Select a user group that can use all the frames.

    3. Select an individual frame. 

    4. View and edit the name of the frame selected in step 3. To use the frame as the mainframe, select the Main Frame. 

    5. Select content to play by default in the frame selected in step 3. 

    6. Select a user group that can use the frame selected in step 3. 

When you are done click save.